Monday, March 21, 2011


Taylor has dyslexia. We are beginning a tutoring process for her and are extremely grateful that this mama listened to her intuition and when all other's said, "it's" normal she listened to that still small voice.

It is crazy to think that my little one will struggle with this but honestly it is very comforting to finally know what's been going on with her. I don't really want to delve into the how I caught it and the process I have gone through to figure this all out but I do have a point to make.

My point? I want mother's to know that they indeed have a spiritual gift of discernment when it comes to their little ones. I feel extremely lucky to not have listened to all those who have said, "she will out grow it", "we all suffer from dyslexia in some way at some point"," just wait", "first do this then we will do this".

When you know something is off with your little one, don't stop until the spirit confirms that you have done all you need to do. As of today I finally have a peace in my heart that has confirmed what my answer is through ALL the research I have done. (I haven't studied anything like this since I was in college) The next step I will take with Taylor will be the right one for now, it may not fix it all together but it is a good jumping off point and I know that this program will give me the skills to help her be so successful! Each person I have spoken to has said, "It is always the mother, they always know something isn't right. You are really great for catching this so soon."
Listen to your hearts, you know!

It really isn't any surprise she has it, after all she is super intelligent like all the other dyslexics out there. Just to name a few: Ansel Adams, Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Einstein ect. The list goes on and on, that's all I can name for now, well there are a bunch of movie stars but who really cares about those ones. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dog Days are Over...

So last time I posted it was a little sad right? Well here is the good news. Over the last two months since I last posted I was very blessed to be able to clearly see the wisdom in my husband being without a job and all the blessings that Heavenly Father bestowed upon us during the last year and 31 days. (Who was counting right?) It became very apparent the lessons I was to learn and quite frankly I was humbled beyond my own comprehension. Without going in to all the lessons in detail, basically I learned the benefit of wonderful friends, service, serving, patience, long suffering, faithfully serving in church and wisdom in trials.

I know most people think it is so ridiculous to be grateful for trials but this one I am grateful for and was before.... JAY GOT A NEW JOB!" Other trials, like loosing loved ones, specifically my mother not so much, but this one I am. I can't really express in words how grateful I am that my prayers were answered even though it wasn't what I was praying for. Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers in the ways that will benefit us the most.

Now details, Jeremy accepted a position for a local interactive design firm, (same type of work as before) as their Director of Technology. (please do not congratulate him on Facebook as he is continuing to grow his own business and doesn't want to compromise those relationships.)

I miss having him at home. It is so funny because the first 5 months were okay with him here, the next 4 months were AWFUL, and then the last 3 months it has just become normal and we have worked out all those kinks only to have him gone now. I miss him but I must say we are settling back into normal life quite nicely. He said to me tonight that he misses being able to come in and see me when he needs to go to the bathroom, grab a drink or food, or just to come chat. I miss it too but also am glad he is back to work.

All is good here in the Riley household if not because of Jay's job then because Nicole is running and mainly doing kick-boxing. Yes I LOVE it and it is so fun... well after I move past the white light I see calling me home. For the first 45 minutes all I think about is my possible grandchildren and running in this big open field that I hope we have some day. What I say to myself? "Come on Marino, do it for those little ones, they need to love you more than the other grandma" I am suddenly filled with a burst of energy and I no longer see white light! :)