Friday, October 24, 2008

Perfect Love

So the girls pretty much try to come into our bed every night. Lately I have been hearing them enough to wake up before they get there and tell them to go potty and to go back to bed. Last night however, when Taylor came in I told her to go potty so she did but she came back and said, "I just want to rub your head mommy." I have been sick the last couple of days so Taylor will come up and rub my head every so often just like her Daddy does. As she climbed into bed she began rubbing my head . While I was laying there holding Jeremy's hand and holding Taylor's other hand this feeling of peace filled my heart. I realized at this moment that our children exhibit more Christ like love then anybody else. I realized that Taylor and Paige are so quick to forgive, that they really only see the good that we do and they are so eager to do things that will please us and make us feel happy. When they are older they will begin to dislike the things we dislike in ourselves but for now they adore us and love us perfectly.

I often joke that my children must not like me that much to not listen that well but the reality is they love me, like I love my mother. This time will soon pass and they will begin to find fault in me but I am thankful that for one moment in time I really understood how much I mean to them. This allows me to understand that my patience and tolerance is needed much more than sternness or discipline. Heavenly Father's plan really is perfect. It is only through our family relationships, husband/wife, parent/child, brother/sister that we learn to love one another perfectly like our Saviour loves us.

Monday, October 20, 2008


So yesterday was our primary program; it went well. The kids sang very well for having such a small primary and the special things we did with different songs was a nice change. Paige did great on her speaking part and then for her talk on temples she froze. She did fine I just had to remind her a lot in her ear which wasn't something that I was prepared to do so I didn't have her talk with me. Overall I think she did fantastic. A 5 year old speaking in sacrament meeting, that's pretty awesome. I cannot believe that Taylor will be in primary in just 3 months. Amazing how time has flown.

I've been thinking a lot about friends lately. Since Jeremy and I have been married we have really only had one couple that we would say is "our couple". They are the Boyer's. We have known them for almost our entire marriage and have become very close to them. They are forever friends. Last year at this time our they began to get very serious about the possibility of moving back to Utah. To make a long story short, they moved a couple of weeks ago. As much as I hate to see them go I have peace in the fact that we will always have them as friends and our first cruise will be with them. =^) Their move though hard for us is exciting and great for them.

It seems that the Lord rarely takes away without providing. Just as the Boyer's were getting ready to move, Jay and I began making close friendships with other people. They too will be forever friends but they all moved too, well the Kland's will finalize their move in two weeks. Just when I wondered if we would have any other couples that we could call "good" friends we went on a couples date with a couple, camping with more and BAM we have some more forever friends. Jeremy and I both have friends and make friends easily (well I do) but to find couples that you both like is difficult.

So tonight I am grateful for the good friends we have. I am grateful that the Lord has blessed Jay and I with friends that we will have for life, that share our values, and that we can share our adult lives with, have a "rock'n good" time with, and don't judge my mt. dew addiction.

If you are a friend of mine or ours, know that I am truly grateful for your friendship and what it brings to my life. Friendship is an essential part of this life and I am grateful for it.

p.s. I wonder why it gets easier to yell at my kids as the day progresses. Oh wait, because I am tired of repeating myself 6 billion times. See, ask and it shall be given to thee . Answers to my question that is.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today I am very excited because I have struggled with learning how to teach Paige how to read. Sometimes I don't quite know the best way to help a 5 year old understand concepts so I usually end up getting frustrated with her and myself and so I usually just quit teaching her concepts until I find something that works or that she is shown to enjoy.

A couple of my friends referred me to the "I See Sam" reading series that schools across Utah use to begin teaching reading. We got the package in the mail today and Paige breezed through the first three books no problem before she was done reading. It was a very positive experience for her and myself because it seems so simplistic BUT she read through three very short books. These little achievements help her build confidence and make it a fun experience. I just know that she is going to begin to really take off with her reading. She is such a smart cookie with an amazing memory.

One of the other fun things I discovered with my kids was washing dishes. I have always had a dishwasher and have never really had the kids help me with it except to load their own dishes. Well our garbage disposal broke so Jay had to replace it. When he replaced it the dishwasher stopped draining so for a few days, I was left to wash dishes by hand. I had Taylor help me one morning last week to give her something to do and she loved it! Both the girls enjoyed doing it so much and it was actually fun. I usually like to pound out the dishes quickly after meals but this was so much more enjoyable. Now the dishwasher is working again but I still find letting the girls help me with the dishes, though it take a bit longer, is so much fun! The cooking thing I am trying to work on as well and I will get better at that!

It's been nice that Jeremy doesn't have any immediate projects right now. For the last week, he has been getting home at a normal hour and man is it nice. The girls are really happy to! This is a big week for us. Paige will be giving a talk in Sacrament meeting! Oooooo she will do so great!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Baby Alive

So I had to take a moment out of my play time with the girls to write this funny little story down. For Paige's birthday her Grandma Laura sent her a Baby alive. I specifically asked for the one that doesn't poop and doesn't eat food. Grandma Laura agreed and sent the one that pee's only and drinks water only. Well Paige, Taylor, and I were giving the baby it's bottle of water and the baby kept crying, me thinking that the baby was done peeing, opened up the diaper and just as I did it I got a jet stream of water in my face for a good 3 seconds, it was hilarious. The girls and I started laughing hysterically and of course we had to do it again.

One of the precious moments when I enjoying motherhood.