Friday, June 18, 2010

Are we done yet?

So our neighborhood has a community garage sale once a year. Per our HOA we can only do a garage sell at that time of the year. I was all prepared to sell all things baby but I admit I haven't prepared much. There really isn't any need. Baby clothes are already separated by size in bins so I waited until tonight to just do a quick run through and set things up. I was fully prepared to sell all my baby clothes for close to nothing to rid myself of them but tonight as I popped open some lids it became all to apparent that this little mama may not be ready to do so.

I guess the biggest thing for me is that all of my 0-12 months clothes were basically purchased by or with my mom and I can see all three of my baby's in them so vividly. There are some outfits that all three girls have worn and they are in mint condition. As I peered into the storage bins and began looking at the clothes I would have no trouble selling I realized I just couldn't yet. What is weird is that I feel very comfortable selling the bouncer, swing, car-seats, and excer-saucer. What do you think it is? Do you think I am just to emotionally tied to these little bits of memory's still?

I guess the good thing is that there aren't a lot of them. There are only 4 large storage bins of these clothes so for now I don't see a huge problem holding onto them until it isn't so painful to say goodbye to those memory's with my mom. Or maybe there might be another little angel needing to come to this family? Who knows, all I know is that for now it is just to painful to say goodbye to those little memory's.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where did the Holy Ghost go?

I really knocked the ball out of the park tonight for FHE. We did Lehi's dream and the girls helped create parts of the dream. Paige drew the big and spacious building, Taylor drew the water and I drew the tree of life. My tree of life had skittles on it for the delicious fruit When the girls got to the tree of life they got to partake of the fruit.

That's not what my post is about. My post is about the testimony's we bore at the end of FHE. Mine good, Paige's much better then mom breaking the Sabbath, and Taylor's, well I'd like to share verbatim.

Taylor's testimony: "I know Jesus is true and that Heavenly Father made our bodies with skin and bones. I know the Holy Ghost helps us and he went to jail and he didn't like it." At that point I had to intervene.


So I have two things to share and still need to blog about Paige's birthday. I will get to that.

First, Taylor began riding her bike without training wheels on Saturday. Took them off and there she went. She mastered it her first time! We are happy for her new found freedom!

Second, I sang at a baptism yesterday. Well when it was over I left and had only brought Paige and Taylor. While driving home I decided to fish for a compliment from my girls. WRONG choice. Lol I asked the girls if I sounded good. They both said yes. Then I said, "did I sound good or just okay?" At which point my very musically inclined Taylor, mind you she loves to sit and watch orchestra's on tv., says "just okay". LOL LOL Then Paige quickly realizes what Taylor may have just done and says, "no mom it was really good." Taylor dead serious looks at Paige and says, "no it wasn't Paige it was okay." NOW this didn't bruise my ego much because I thought that Taylor surely doesn't know the difference between good and okay.

So at dinner I made homemade mac and cheese. It was really amazing. Both girls without solicitation said, "Mom this is sooooo good." I decided to seize my chance and promptly said to Taylor, "Taylor is it good or okay?" She then says emphatically, "REALLY GOOD". So in fact she does know the difference...