Monday, September 29, 2008


On Saturday we celebrated my niece Zoe's birthday. Among the many things that Zoe received the stand out item for our dear Taylor was the jar of pickles. As Taylor sat silently watching, after Zoe finished looking at the card and the pickles, Taylor said while everyone was quiet, "When it's my birthday I will have pickles." HAHAHA I about died laughing. She was dead serious, so if you are ever in the market to buy Taylor a present, it's easy, just send pickles.

This was a night of laughs. When we got to my brother's house we were looking at some pictures we had retrived from storage. It took me a minute but then I noticed a pregnancy test on the table. I turned it over and my sister-in-law Paula is pregnant. I congratulated her and then I got a bright idea. See Jeremy was in the other room and since we are about ready to start trying for baby #3, I thought I would trick him. So I called to him to have him come in, quickly, I had everyone get really quiet. Then I said, "I want to share this happy news with everyone." Then I handed Jeremy the positive test. His response was hilarious, he said, "this better be a f'ing joke." Everyone broke up laughing and I said no babe Paula is pregnant and he immediately started laughing and gave her a big hug of congratulation.

It was good to clean out Mom's stuff. It wasn't nearly as hard this time as it was last time. We moved as quick as we could and there was absolutely no arguing. We were all gracious with one another and gave to eachother freely if there was something that one of us really needed. I think as Mom watched she was grateful as I am grateful for the example she set. She always told us that if one of her parents died, no material item was more important to her then the relationship she had with siblings. I felt as we walked away saying our last goodbye, that we all grew a little closer. I think families are amazing, I think in them we experience so many things that make us better people. I am so grateful for my family and my own little family. Within these families that we all have we grow more and more like our Saviour exhibiting Christ like love through the service, devotion, and sacrifice we give to one another. I am thankful for my family.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So today when I took Paige to school, right outside of her classroom were their self portraits with the a description of why it is great to be 5. So I found Paige's and read, "It's great to be 5 because I can step on a fly with my shoe." LOL

I remember before I was pregnant, before I was ever thinking about getting pregnant, when all I had were 5 million names for the babies I was gonna have when I wanted 5 children, things do change don't they, and I remember specifically saying that I didn't really care what my kids looked like as long as they were funny. And you know, I have SUPER funny kids and cute ones. I think most people find their kids funny so what's funny to me may not be funny to others but I really have kids with GREAT personality's. Honestly, if you know them you know what I mean.

We were at Fred Meyer the other day and when we were walking out we passed the christmas light section. The girls got so excited and Paige walked to the other side of the isle and when she saw the Christmas stuff, she started singing in a hannah montana type melody, "Christmas..." then Taylor walks over to the otherside and starts singing, louder then Paige, "CHRISTMAS...." and they made up all their own lyrics right there in the store and people were walking by laughing. Those are the tender moments when I am thankful to be a mother... When they are fighting, WHOLE different story.

Today, right this second, might change by the time I am done writing this so I better hurry and say it, I am grateful to be a mother.... ACTUALLY I am grateful always to be a mother but right now I feel touchy feely about it... that could change if I hear a scream from the other room.

Funny story about this little boy in my primary. We are singing several songs right now and one of the things I try to get the kids to do is to watch me continuously. Well this little boy who is now 4 but in Sunbeams did the funniest thing in the world. I was holding out a note and all the kids were watching when I cut off except this little boy who kept singing the same note while he looked around the room. I couldn't really ask him to stop because I was laughing to hard and I didn't want to make him feel silly for singing. Let's face it, I would rather they all do that then not sing at all. The same little boy kept making me laugh because he was singing so earnestly that he was off beat the entire song. SUNBEAMS are the greatest I've decided either they sing and give it their all and then some, or they don't sing at all. I really love my calling. I don't think there is anything else I would rather do. I get to sing and teach gospel principles. Music touches my soul and I love listening to the kids sing. If I was released I think there would be huge void in my life. I don't really want to do anything else.... Watch now I will get a new calling. BETTER NEVER BE WARD CHOIR DIRECTOR.... I will say no. HAHAHA yah right.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to school Night

Tonight is back to school night at Paige's school. This first week of school for her has been somewhat of a challenge for us. I have noticed her being a little more sassy than usual and I can tell when she has had a good day as opposed to a bad day. Earlier this week she was having trouble with being the shortest in the class but also liked have several of the boys tell her that her hand prints were beautiful, and one in particular desire for her to ALWAYS sit by her. I notice that she seems fairly tired after school so we are taking regular naps with her and Taylor so that she doesn't develop a migrane.

Taylor is having a very hard time adjusting to life w/o Paige every morning. I am trying to find a preschool for her to be in hoping that will help her a little. Also her cousin Kellen will come over every Thursday so I think that will help as well. I have noticed something interesting about Taylor, what I used to call shear evil, I have revamped into very inquisitive. I watch her when she does the naughty stuff she does and it usually always has to do with feeling something, tasting it, taking it apart, or experimenting with it. So now I am trying to use a more positve adjective for her, inquisitive, because I think that is more descriptive of her sincere little heart. She is such a sweetheart and does have her naughty moments but over all she is very smart and very fun.

I am going to start posting some pictures on here, if I can figure out how, and tell stories along with them. There are a lot from our week long camping trip that I will post fairly soon. Note that was in august so the post will be a month late.

Friday, September 5, 2008

School Days

So this week began my next 17 years of early weekday mornings. I didn't think I would be able to get up at 6:30 in the morning on a regular basis but you know what, I did and I will continue to do it! That's the good part, now for the sorrow!

PAIGE STARTED SCHOOL. I am so happy for her and so amazed at how quickly time went. This whole week I find myself missing her while she's gone and eagerly anticipating her return. Today Taylor was so sad with her sister gone again! This is such an exciting time in Paige's life and yet I see a little reluctance when I drop her off in the morning. I think it is a little overwhelming but you would never know it by the skip in her step as she roams the halls of her school just a few steps in front of mom, occassionally looking back to see if I'm still there. With this new independance comes a new sense of freedom for her. I am eager to see her make friends, set examples, and to watch the choices she makes while I am no where to be seen. I think I like her teacher and the classroom set up is so nice and organized. I am excited to be a volunteer in the classroom.

Watching her as she walks down the halls at her school I sometimes remember holding her as a baby and think of all the challenges she has already overcome and think wow a whole new set will come her way. I don't think anything will try her little soul like the loss of her Gramie but she is continuing to cope and move past the pain. I do so wish my mom had been here for this week. She would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Cute note, on her first day, Jeremy and I both wore our sunglasses in the school. I eventually took mine off but Jay didn't, big day for all of us.

Taylor will start some fun classes soon to keep her occupied and hopefully I will be involved in playgroup this year again so that will help her cope with her sister's absence. Taylor herself is growing so much and exploring the boundaries of her independant spirit. Taylor is such a sweetheart with just a twinge of wicked. =^)

Maybe this blogging this isn't so bad after all!