Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Belly

So I have been complaining an awful lot about my tummy and a lot of people don't understand why. This picture won't make it very clear either but please note that usually my stomach is pretty flat, I don't weigh much and my boobs after breastfeeding two babies have shrunk so the mere size of my "buddadas", as Taylor calls them, are GINORMOUS and they probably get in my way, way more then my stomach but it's all one big mess. Seriously ladies I am like a 34 DD right now which I was used to be before kids but now.... it's just uncomfortable..... So I am what 24 weeks right now??? This is what I look like. Add Image

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bedtime Stories

So tonight we were putting the girls to bed and Paige was crying and crying. She kept saying she wanted to tell me something over and over again. Finally we got to the point, I am still not exactly sure what I said, but her feelings were hurt that I had apparently taken her daddy's side. Then she says to me, "How could you take Daddy's side? He didn't go to church when he was a little boy."

Kid's say the darndest things.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am very thankful for my husband. We have been married 6 years now and I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him in it.

When we were first married I struggled with the idea that his job was and is as hard as mine but as I have been contemplating it lately I realized that it is. See I have had limited tunnel vision thinking that he works 8-5 comes home and that is it but then I realized his job is 24/7 like mine. He works his physical monetary job but then while he is doing that somewhere in his subconscious he thinks about not only providing financially for his family but spiritually, and emotionally too. Though his jobs may not be as labor intensive as mine they are as mentally intense as mine are.

When I thought about this when he got up so early this morning, (which if you know Jay you know that 6 is unimaginable for him; Give him 8:30 and we might be in business.) I realized that men sometimes don't get the recognition they deserve. With that said, I am not changing my feminist, independent views. I am simply realizing that indeed as the proclamation to the family states, each man and woman has individual roles that are ESSENTIAL, to the family. This was a testimony builder for me and I am grateful for the revelation.

I love Jeremy with all my heart and I truly appreciate all of his hard work. He is a needed part of our family. Without him we wouldn't be the same family. I love you babe!