Monday, November 9, 2009


I noticed today that an old friend posted on facebook, "I am grateful for the opportunity to raise a daughter." This struck me very hard. I often joke about the fact that I have 3 girls and that I am not excited about the teenage years with menstrual cycles, prom dresses, clothes, and just the hormones of a teenage girl. All day I have been thinking about what this post means and for me it means a whole lot.

I have three beautiful little girls. Right now I am able to see them for who they are perfectly. It seems that children show us their true individual natures and worth at a very young age. For example, if you know Paige then it is easy to see that she is a very kind, loving, intuitive, stalwart, and gentle person. Taylor is outgoing, tender, generous, determined, and protective. Sarah we can already see that she has a peaceful and calm nature. Why is this important? I think it is important to me as a mother because in today's world, some of these attributes are not celebrated enough. We see girls portrayed in a very different manner then they were 20+ years ago. I am not talking about the idea that women are one dimensional and shouldn't have degrees and goals. I am talking more of the attributes the world celebrates. I believe that women can be successful without being course. I have a friend, Linsy, who I feel demonstrates this to a tee. From what I can tell she has never given up her poise or kindness to move ahead in life and yet from all aspects she is very successful.

So for me as a mother of three little princesses, "Daughters of a Heavenly King", I have the opportunity to raise them true to their divine natures and teach them how to be successful in life using their individual worth. I welcome this challenge and look forward to the day when I see each one of them enter the sealing room to see them sealed for time an all eternity. Come what may, their core will always be the same even though life may offer hardening circumstances. They will always be those same tender spirits Heavenly Father has sent here. My job lies in helping them to be happy with themselves and there in lies their personal confidence.

I love my girls so very much and want only eternal happiness for them. They have brought a joy into my life that I couldn't understand as a child. My mom always would say, "I love you so much, more than you can imagine until you have a little Nicole of your own." I don't have a little Nicole but I have a Paige, Taylor, and Sarah Elizabeth and they bring such a happiness that I could not imagine until I had them.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be their earthly mother.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby help!

So to all my dear friends out there, please try to keep your mouths from hitting the floor when I tell you what I am about to tell you.
I am starting to put Sarah in her crib now. I know it's hard to believe as Paige and Taylor were never in the crib. In fact I didn't completely move them out of my bed until last January. Since they were about 1 years old I have started them off in their own bed but when they would wake up in the middle of the night it was SO much easier to get them to stay asleep longer in my bed.

So where is the help I need??? How did you keep your little baby's warm in the crib. Last night I went into Sarah and her little hands were cold. I don't want her cold and that will probably escalated her moving back into my bed sooner. So how did you keep them warm and with the blankets on them. I can lay Sarah down anywhere and if she is tired and not hungry or wet, she will kind of whimper for a minute or two and go to sleep. SHE IS A DREAM!!!!!! So help me with keeping her warm please. I tried to tuck in some blankets on top of her and am hoping that works!

So thanks in advance to your responses!

p.s. I have never had a baby monitor before. I got one because, like many of you have noticed, I cannot hear Sarah cry unless I am in the same room with her. So my point in telling you this. This machine is a dream. If I had had it with Taylor as a toddler, it would have prevented, so many things because I can hear a pin drop with it. If I am upstairs and it is down, I can still hear the slightest thing. For example I heard Taylor in another room from the baby, getting into my bathroom drawers. Catastrophe averted! I only spent 17$ on it too! Oh the simple pleasures in life!