Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girl Fight

So Taylor is the one who usually instigates every fight that her and paige get into. Well right now Paige was sitting on the couch coloring quietly and Taylor went over and put her head on her shoulder and was watching her. Then Taylor asked Paige if she could color and Paige quietly said no and then Taylor with her head on Paige's shoulder starts pushing paige's head with her head asking her again. Paige again said no and then Taylor turns around and starts kicking Paige. Paige not missing a beat pinches Taylor really hard. Then they begin to run around the house trying to hit each other and they run right into me in the kitchen. I told them it was enough and to go quietly read books while i finished cleaning up the kitchen from lunch. They are sitting on the couch and Taylor begins to kick at Paige again and then Paiges gets the bright idea, and I must admit it is a good one, to sit on Taylor to stop her. So the next thing I hear is Taylor screaming at the top of her lungs, "Paige is sitting on me, I can't breathe". Paige wouldn't get off until Taylor promised to stop bugging her. LOL Taylor OF COURSE wouldn't say it so I finally interjected but it really made me laugh. This doesn't usually make me laugh but Paige's ingenious thought to just sit on Taylor to stop her 1st made me proud and 2nd made me laugh. Thought I would share with you all just a moment of my day. LOL Can we believe there are going to be three?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

And the baby is.....

So we found out we are having a girl.  That makes three now so I know everyone is so happy for us because baby's are such blessing but please bear with me for a moment as I knock everyone into a little reality.  That means, 4 menstrual cycles running around the same time and the big kicker, 3 weddings possibly 3 missions as well.  So that is the only negative I see at the moment.  

When we were in the ultra sound room and the lady told us it was a girl, Paige began to cry.  Poor little Paige wanted a little brother so bad!  I think Paige will begin to adjust to the idea especially as I teach her more about her Gramie.  I am hoping though that this little  one comes out with blonde hair like Paige.  Paige already kind of wonders why everyone else in her famiy has dark hair and she doesn't so I don't really want her to feel like the lone ranger.  

We found out on my birthday, my 30th, and what a birthday it was.  Jeremy had planned along with my brothers for a surprise party on Saturday.  I had no idea but boy was it fun.

I am thankful for good friends and especially for a wonderful family!  The next birthday in our family is.....  Tayolor's!  Arpril 13th!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As many people know I have had a dilema lately. My oldest friend is getting married on Saturday and her bridesmaids dresses are sleeveless. I have had a hard time with my previous decision just to wear the dress the way it was for the short period of time of pictures and the wedding.

One of my biggest concerns was the girls and their impressions of it. After I had a heart to heart with Paige explaining why I was going to wear the dress the way it was she seemed to understand.

When I was preparing my lesson for January it was on the talk by Elaine Dalton, " A Return to Virture." In this talk the quote by President Monson hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized that never in my life had I ever compromised my standards for anyone, not once. In that I realized that I couldn't wear the dress the way it was, that I had made a covenant with my Heavenly Father to always wear my garments and I would not break that covenant for anything in this world.

I communicated that to my girlfriend and asked a lady in the ward who had helped alter the dress to make a bolero for it. She was so willing and we went to the fabric store and got the material. Yesterday when I went over to try it on I came up stairs and Paige saw me and she said, "mom you look so pretty." I said thank you and she then said, "Are you wearing your garments?" See my girls have rarely ever seen me not wear my garments except maybe during the summer when we are at the pool all day. When I told her I was she was elated and she said, "Oh good, I am so happy." She had the biggest smile and look of relief on her face, it was amazing.

In that moment I was so thankful that my Heavenly Father had tested me and and that I had proved myself worthy of this particular blessing; it was so worth it. To see that my first decision had caused her a little turmoil and misunderstanding, to see that she was so excited to see that I had made the right decision was the only earthly approval I needed.

I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father saw my indecision, blessed me with a lesson to provide personal revelation, and then guided me to make what at the time was a difficult decision.