Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have a confession to make. I have the easiest baby in the entire world. This baby used to cry so quiet that the only way we knew she was crying was by looking at her face. Since then she has developed her mad, I want my mama to pick me up cry but when she is really upset, it is still the silent wide open mouth. You can ask my girlfriends who often hold her for just a second while I either run to the bathroom or do a quick something. One of my favorite things she does is smile at people so sheepishly and then turn into my chest. I have always wanted a baby like that.

One really great thing is if I get Sarah just tired enough and her belly is full and her diaper changed, I can lay her down swaddled in her crib and she will hardly make a peep. Sometimes she still wants me to hold her so she will squawk for a moment but within a few minutes she is sound asleep. She has done this since she came out. It doesn't help her sleep through the night yet but it is really nice to not have to rock her and I figure if we keep this up, she will sleep through the night soon enough without the long nights of crying it out!

She really is a dream baby the only down side, she doesn't like anyone but her mama to hold her. Daddy will suffice but that is only for a little bit!

Ah another mama's girl!

Monday, January 18, 2010

More pics

Fun Pics!

Just have some new fun photos I want to share. The baby is dirty but I couldn't resist snapping some pics with her right as I was feeding her. I was having a hard time feeding her because she kept putting her toes in her mouth! So sad we didn't take any pictures of Christmas only video! We had a wonderful Christmas though! More to come!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You know the worst part of moving? It's realizing that the world keeps moving even when you've left. While you are struggling to meet new people and find the same comforts of old, everyone you left behind keeps on moving. It's just like death, people are sad for awhile and then life keeps moving and so do we....

It's nothing to be sad about really.... it's just the way it is.

Monday, January 4, 2010


So I need to brag for just a moment. We went to the library today after school. After talking with Paige's teacher this morning and informing her that Paige had read 2 chapter books in three days over the break, she asked me if it was a Junie B. Jones book. I told her no and she said she was wondering if she needed to do a DRA, developmental reading assessment on her. Then she said she would do one anyway since she will be leaving at the end of the month. So I was curious and decided to take Paige to the library to check out a Junie B. Jones book. I showed Paige and suggested she check it out. She refused and then I told her to read the first three pages and if at the end of those she didn't like it then she cold put it back. By the end of the three paiges she was in fits of laughter and did indeed decide to check out the book. So the point of this story... Paige read the entire book in about three hours today. The book is 68 pages long with 9 chapters. i am anxious to see where she is at after her assessment. May not seem like a lot to us adults but for a 1st grader, I say pretty impressive!

I'm pretty proud of that little girl! Can ya tell???