Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So today I met my "dad" for the first time in my life ever. It was pretty awesome. The only problem, I seemed to be a little tongue tied. LOL Yup me tongue tied! LOL

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So for dinner tonight we decided to do BBQ. Looks like we are going to be having 3 days of BBQ. YUM...

On our way home from the park, the girls were alrealdy whinning for food. Taylor began crying for salad with lots of vegtables in it. LOL How often do we hear that? The best part is when Taylor asks, "mom what is steakon made from?" You know bacon but steakon??? It was hilarious....

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Ever considered it?  Not complete apostasy but just not going to your ward anymore?  I have always been strong in the gospel but recent events have led me to reconsider my thoughts on attending all of church.  I would never stop going to church just Relief Society.  It's becoming more and more tempting especially when it's not really a sisterhood anymore.  Man do I ever wish for my old calling... oh and friends that actually treat you like a real friend.   At least I have a few that are always there....

Oh and fyi... it's not a pity party so i don't need a lot of reassuring comments.

Just a little bragging!

Today when I picked Paige up froms chool she had had a subsitute teacher for the day. It is the same sub they have had all year. Paige walked up to me with the sub, Mrs. Curry, and I thought uh oh. Well I was pleasantly surprised when Mrs. Curry said, "I just want to tell you what a pleasure and joy it has been for me to work with Paige this year. Every time I come their class, she is helpful, listens, and is always so kind." I told her thank you and that Paige is indeed a blessing in our family and that her tender heart is one of her best qualities. Mrs Curry told me, " she is going to do outstanding in 1st grade. She read to me today and it was just amazing."

I am really grateful for Paige's example. She truely has one of the most tender hearts of anyone I know and what a little card she is! I am grateful that her first year at school has gone so well.

I am also excited to hear the rave reviews of Taylor as she enters pre-school. No doubt her teacher is going to be smitten with her too! She is just so charismatic!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Paige Dear

So on May 9th we celebrated Paige's 6th birthday.  We were down in Grants Pass for the occassion so I couldn't post on that day but I didn't want her to go un-remembered so here it goes.

Paige is such a blessing to our family.  She encompasses all that is tender and gentle in this world.  Paige's nature is very sensitive, kind, and she is naturally very intuitive.  If Paige doesn't like someone you can basically gaurantee that there is something wrong with them.  I also enjoy the calming influence Paige is in our home.  I often yell at the girls and Paige can't stand it and she reminds me every day.  I am grateful for that because she reminds me of the Savior in her demenor.  She is also very sensitive to other's needs and feelings.  I watch her and though she isn't outwardly protective of Taylor, she is protective in a different way.  she reaches to comfort her rather than to run to her defense.

The things Paige enjoys are;
Sounding things out
making up words with new sounds
of course pretend
rock singing
picking up kids younger then her
and she is extremely excited for the new baby.  

I am so excited for this baby to come mainly because i am excited to see how Paige interacts with the baby.  I know that she is going to help so much and will love to hold her baby.  Paige is a ray of light in our home and we wouldn't be the same family without her.  We need her and love her!  We are so thankful that she was sent to us!

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost 30 weeks

So I am never sure how to tell what week I am in but I am pretty sure that I am approaching 30 weeks and that scares me to death.  I just realized that I have just a little over 2 months left and I still don't have my hospital bag packed, diapers bought, clothes washed and set up, the crib set up, and everything wiped down yet.  Heck I don't even have half the stuff out of storage. 

Panic mode set in today so I think I will make myself wait until after Jay and Paige's birthdays and then I will begin to plug away.  The whole idea makes me a little nervous though.  I don't like feeling unprepared and right now that's how I feel.  

On a positive note, I cannot wait to hold my baby girl!  A friend said today that baby's bring such a peace into a home and I couldn't agree more.  My girls are really excited and today is the first time they have really gotten to see and feel the baby move.  They both had different reactions to it.  Paige just lit up and watched it more and kept her hand on my belly.  Taylor immediately hopped up and started singing louder because she was sure the baby was dancing.  I am grateful to know that the only problem I am really going to have with my girls and this baby is the sharing her and fighting over her.  I would take that any day over jealousy!  She is going to be such a blessing in our home and I am so excited to hold and kiss her all over!