Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby blues--Help!!!!

Okay so I am reaching out to all of you for a little help. Since I came home from the hospital, I have been feeling really sad, happy, irritated, and an assortment of different emotions. I begin to cry for no reason and then I find a reason to be crying. (It kind of makes me feel better if I pick a reason to cry, lol.) So obviously this sounds like the baby blues but I have never had this problem after birth before. Another thing that is happening is that when I nurse the baby or pump, I get REALLY sad almost instantaneously at latching.

So here is my question, has anyone else ever gone through this and how long did it last. I am particularly interested in the sadness when latching portion. So enlighten me, help me understand how it affected you, if it affected you!

Thanks to you all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sarah Elizabeth Riley

Here are just a couple pics of Elizabeth. Hopefully we will put more on soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our New baby

Our newest little edition was born today at 1:41 p.m today June 24th. She came in weighing a wopping 5 lbs even and 17 3/4 inches long. What a little blessing she is to us. We have named her Sarah Elizabeth. Jeremy has already nicknamed her, Ellie. We are so excited and will post pictures soon!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Taylor's prayer

It was Taylor's turn to say family prayer tonight. In the middle of the prayer we got to daddy and this is what she prayed for. "Please bless that daddy will have lots of fun at work tomorrow. Please bless that he won't punch his friends in the eye. Please bless that daddy he won't punch his friends in the face."

Needless to say we just about lost all reverence at that point.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

36 weeks

So 36 weeks and finally hit the 20lb weight gain and my stomach grew 3 inches to catch up to right about where I should be. I found out at the dr. today that I gained 4 lbs and 3 inches in my stomach in just about 2 weeks. After weeping I actually was kind glad that she was getting a little bigger though my shirts don't fit and now I know why. I thought I had shrunk them in the dryer.

I am getting very excited to hold our little one and so our my girls. It's getting exciting and nerve racking. I am up right now resisting the urge to start cleaning because of the time, 3:48 a.m. I know that tomorrow morning will be filled with lots of cleaning tasks because I just have the itch at this point and feel that I want to be ready for whatever lies ahead. Everything is washed, my bag is packed, the baby's bag is packed but the girls bags aren't yet. I will put that on my list of to do's for tomorrow and then I will wait patiently for 4 weeks for my little one to arrive. I wonder what pet name she will have. Paige is sunshine, Taylor little one, baby.... I don't know yet.

Taylor starts ballet tomorrow so I will post pictures of her. We also started a summer learning program with the girls. They pick a subject each week that they want to learn about and then we check out books at the library to read about it and we will do some activities to go along. This week it is killer whales. LOL I think this will be relatively easy to do until the baby comes and then after whoever is here to help can help the girls get books at the library for their other subjects because mom won't be going out much with baby. I don't know maybe this time will have to be different. Ah the anticipation of the new arrival! Maybe I can try and lay down again. Hopefully sleep will come easily at this point. LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy Ghost

So today we were driving and we were talking about death a little because a family in our ward recently lost their teenage son. 

So both girls told me that they wished that their gramie was still alive.  I agreed with them and then Paige says, "well gramie is still alive.  Her spirit is still alive but her body is dead."  I thought, "yah me!!!" I must have done a good job explaining what happens to our bodys when we die and what it means to be ressurected.  So I told Paige she was right and then she says and this is a killer, "when our spirit dies we become a Holy Ghost."  Need I say more?  LOL

Maybe we will talk about the Holy Ghost for FHE on Monday. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dr.s appt.

So today I took Taylor in for her 4 year check up knowing that she would get shots. I decided to prepare her and be totally upfront. I had little concern knowing that when she got her ears pierced she didn't cry. WELL Taylor was excited for her shots. She was so excited that when she walked in she asked the nurse if she was going to give her shots and all through the exam kept telling the dr. she was ready for her shots! So she keeps saying to me, "Mom tell the dr. I want my shots." I had to keep reminding her it would be at the end.

So then they bring in the shots. The first one she starts crying and throughout the rest she keeps crying. Well in our home shot day is treat day so I reminded her how brave she was being and that we would get a treat. As she left, she stops in the door, looks up at me with one hand on her hip with a look of utter shock and disgust and says, " Mom, I told you to tell the dr. no shots!" LOL I just about died.

So another part to this dr.'s experience was Paige. Paige was so excited for Taylor to get her shots as well. It was in a, "you will cry and I can't wait to see it because you said you won't" kind of way. So then the lady walks over to Taylor and I. Paige is sitting next to me and Taylor. As the lady goes to pull out the first shot Paige's face goes white, she hops off her chair covering her ears and lands in a fetal position on the floor. She stayed that way until all the shots had been administered. That was almost the funniest part to me. I had a hard time not laughing while taylor was getting her shots. LOL

Oh the dr.'s office, I wonder why my kids are usually so excited to go???? LOL

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 weeks!

I cannot believe that I am just about 6 weeks away! The dr. says the baby is small, not abnormally just small! At this point I am loving washing the baby clothes washing everything down, and just the overall small of a new baby!

This weekend I am going to go buy a diaper bag, pacifier, and baby wash! I hope this baby isn't allergic to smell like Taylor. At least with Taylor I could use the Aveeno baby wash that has such a delicate light smell and it didn't make her breakout. I had to use the aveeno baby lotion with no scents though all over her body.

This is when it begins to get really exciting and really annoying. Right now I just can't wait. Today I will pack my bag for the hospital. Shouldn't need much since my baby's come so fast but a few items we will need!

I am just so excited! No names yet so if you want to send an idea or two feel free!