Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 1 Results

Yesterday was a rough day. I had very little in the house that I could eat and the green drink Jay decided to make was disgusting. He chose just kale with flax and pumpkin seeds and neither one of us could finish it. I drank from my glass for about an hour. I recommended that We put something else in with it. Today I am going to do a cucumber drink instead. I took the time last night to soak a bunch of beans and barley so I could make some food today. I had quinoa for dinner but because I was so ravenous I just grabbed a flour tortilla and stuffed it with quinoa and put on some taco sauce. After that I had lettuce with quinoa and taco sauce with it. The only problem is I'm not supposed to eat any salt or sugar and well... I need to figure out how to make some sauces without those but I think it is futile. I think for now I will just use vinegar. Today I am going to make a bean dip that I can eat all day with onions and garlic in it with some cumin... It won't taste completely right without the salt but it will suffice and should fill me up nicely. I'm lucky that I love vinegar to help me with salads. Over all I think with each day it will become easier. Hopefully with the preparation from last night I won't be so lost as to what to eat. Malnutrition isn't good either.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


So it's been awhile. I am dedicating this blog to my fight against cervical cancer and the huge lifestyle change to eating raw food to aid in that fight. Today I will begin a detox for my body. I have already not had a soda for 5 days, which is HUGE for me and eliminated all dairy and meat from my diet. It hasn't been that difficult but finding things to replace it has been very difficult but after receiving some great idea's last night, I feel empowered.

Let me be clear to all of you my dear friends. You may not agree with raw food living and that is fine but for me right now you either have to be on board or get off. I have prayed about this and feel that it is the right life change for me and my family and having a bunch of naysayer's around will not help. I will continue with surgery in a couple of weeks and am making this change for my life permanently since apparently how I was eating wasn't working. I BELIEVE FOOD CAN HEAL and nobody will change my mind about that. It has been ingrained in my life since the time I was a little girl. I will let you know how detox goes and what challenges I face during that time.

I truly believe that if anyone can make this kind of change, I can.