Thursday, February 25, 2010


At dinner tonight, Paige began saying, "oh crust I love crust, i need some more crust because it has wheat in it." Jeremy and I looked at each other quite perplexed and then I figure out what she means. BUT... not in time to stop Taylor from piping in and telling Paige as seriously and kindly as she could, "I have some crust for you. It's in my butt, oh wait no it's in my panties." At which point I just about spit out my food and Jeremy turned bright red with water and food dripping out of his mouth.

Oh never a dull moment in the Riley house hold.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Flu

I cannot truly remember the last time I had the flu. Well it hit me yesterday morning like a ton of bricks. The point in me sharing this is that death looked so appealing as I threw up in the toilet for the sixth time and it was so violent that it splashed back up in my face.

You're welcome for the little visual. I figure what are friends for? We are supposed to bear one another's burdens together right? Well there you go think of that for a day and when you need to throw up and all you have left is the bile in your stomach. Think of sweet, dear, nicole's bile splashing her in the face.

Have a great day while I bask in my flu ridden house.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I know that most people will understand what I mean when I say that there is something so very special about the first child. Well Paige is no exception.

Tonight I was reminded of Paige's sweet character when she came into me while I was giving Sarah a bath. She was breathing quite heavily and I asked her what was wrong. She began to tell me, "Well I was trying to help Taylor." I was very curious as Taylor was supposed to be asleep in bed but had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor instead. So I asked Paige what she was trying to do to help her. Her response, "Well I was trying to scoot her over to her bed and put her in it." Now you must realize how very little Paige is. Taylor weighs the same as Paige and is just about as tall as her. As I came out of the bathroom and went near the girls room there was Taylor, previously uncovered in the middle of the doorway asleep on the floor. Now she had a pillow under her head and a stuffed animal under her arm and her blankets gently placed on her.

Oh my sweet intuitive, valiant Paige. If you truly know you her you love her. One day her sisters will understand as my Aunts do of my mom and I do of my brother Todd, the importance of the oldest sibling. They will one day refer to her as the kindest person they know because, well she is.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I miss her!